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Viridian Colombia Soluciones Integrales de Manejo de Lixiviados y Gases en Relleno Sanitarios

About Viridian Colombia

Viridian Colombia is an environmental engineering company, formed by Colombian company, Grupo Roca S.A. and the Leading U.K. Company, Viridian Systems Ltd.

The extensive experience of Viridian Systems Ltd in the field of environmental engineering allows us to provide cost-effective environmental technologies:

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  • Consulting, implementation, fabrication and integration of environmental technologies in landfills or dump closures.
  • Operation and maintenance of leachate and gas management solutions.
  • Consulting and solutions for CDM projects under development, including biogas utilization.
  • - Gas Wells
  • - VP Pumps
  • - SBR Leachate treatment plants
  • - Gas Stripping plants
  • - Gas collection system installations
  • - Gas to energy installations
  • - Biofilters

In summary, our company focus is to provide cutting-edge technology and practical solutions for leachate and landfill gas management to the solid waste and wastewater management sector.

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